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The Roaring 20s Returns: Now vs. Then Wedding Trends


Here at The Orde Food Company, we’ve been thinking a lot about what wedding trends we’re looking forward to in the coming decade. With our catering and event design services, we love helping couples plan their vision for the big day, from start to finish.  

Every wedding is different, and we always strive to help our clients express their own unique style. But, we thought it would be fun to compare our predictions for the biggest wedding trends of the 2020s with the most popular fashions of the 1920s, to see how things have changed. They might be a century apart, but we actually found a surprising number of similarities! Check out the list below to see what we found (and for some excellent 1920s outfit inspo…): 


Then… The roaring 20s were a time of prosperity – the First World War had ended and in this time of recovery came some of the biggest and best partying of the century. Think Great Gatsby, flapper dresses and the Charleston. Weddings were often lavish and unconventional, and sustainability as we know it was probably not at the forefront of many couples’ minds.

Now… ‘Green weddings’ have been steadily growing in popularity, and we’re sure that this will continue to boom in the 2020s. Couples have been turning to sustainable alternatives such as biodegradable confetti, floral foam-free flower arrangements and locally sourced, ‘farm-to-table’ menus.

We are so excited to see this gaining traction, as we pride ourselves in creating delicious food from local, seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients. This is one thing that hasn’t changed since the 1920s – in Scotland people still take pride in where their food has come from.


The Food 

Then… A 1920s wedding menu would have been in keeping with the extravagance of the era. However, the cake was the main event, often featuring elaborate Art Deco designs and lavish decorations made with feathers, frames, jewels and flowers.

Now… Today, you can expect to find a range of interactive catering options, making the entire dining experience just as sensational as the cake! Think lavish grazing tables, moreish treats served from food trucks and customisable ‘pimp your prosecco’ stations. Many couples have also begun to think up alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, like these doughnut towers.

We think these alternatives to the traditional wedding menu will become more prevalent and varied, with couples also embracing more inclusive menus, such as providing gluten-free and vegan options. At The Orde Food Company we’ve already produced a number of bespoke catering selections, such as entirely vegan and theme-based menus, and we expect that this will only become more sought-after in the new decade.


The Photos

Then… From as early as the late 1800s, couples were hiring photographers to take a small handful of staged, formal pictures at their wedding venue.

Now… It’s is a must to have a good professional photographer to capture your wedding day. Couples still get a handful of serious family pictures, but now everyone is also looking for ‘Pinterest or Instagram worthy’ images. Gone are the days of no smiling in photos, the funnier the better, think selfies with your dogs and bubble tunnels instead of confetti!


The Flowers

Then…The dresses of the 1920s were often smaller and simpler than the traditional ‘big white dress’, in keeping with the flapper styles popular at the time. Their bouquets, on the other hand, were super-sized, with a voluminous bundle of flowers at the centre and green foliage or ribbons cascading down to the floor. 

Now… In the 2020s, we reckon bouquets will be getting bigger again, but perhaps in a more wild and free form style, with unexpected additions like feathers and pampass grasses adding texture. We also think that the use of flowers throughout the event will become even more creative, with additions such as floral aisles, moon gates and edible flowers featuring on the menu. 


Parting with Tradition 

At its core, the 1920s was a decade of nonconforming. Brides shirked the old traditions of wearing long, white dresses and being ‘given away’ by their fathers. In 1923, Vogue said of wedding trends: "Fashion has supplanted custom and individuality has supplanted both."

In the 2020s we expect to see this individual spirit continue to shine through, with weddings becoming increasingly personalised and one-of-a-kind. We love that this trend is still alive and well today, and we are so excited to help more couples realise their unique vision for their special day!


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